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Whole House Energy Efficiency Report

Why should you have a whole house energy efficiency report on your property? 

UK homes account for 40% of carbon emissions. The average UK home emits 2.7 tonnes of CO2 every year. The average UK home typically pays £1042 per year on heating. 

Whether it's to reduce your carbon footprint or to save money every month, home owners can benefit from having a whole house energy efficiency report. 

Our whole house energy efficiency report will assess the following areas; 
1. Building Construction
2. Insulation Levels
3. Ventilation
4. Location 
5. Windows
6. Lighting
7. Draught Proofing
8. An Extensive Heat Loss Assessment
9. A Basic Structural Deterioration Assessment
10. A Basic Damp Assessment


After our extensive survey, you will receive an in-depth report detailing our findings, plus our recommendations. We will report on the following;
1. Assessment Overview 
2. Energy Improvement Recommendations
3. Renewable Energy Options
4. In-Depth Heat Loss Report

1. Discounted Energy Performance Certificate (EPC). Prices starting from £30

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A whole house energy efficiency report is a full package, which ensures you understand your property and how best to improve it. Our team will assist you in finding reputable installers and other experts, so that you can implement the energy efficient improvements highlighted in the report. Our team of highly qualified surveyors have attained a PAS2035 Retrofit Assessor certification and a Level 3 certification for Domestic Energy Assessment.


Our surveyors will use their vast knowledge in building materials, regulations and energy efficiency measures, to ensure that your whole house energy efficiency report is an extensively in-depth analysis of your property.


Our office is located in Callington, on the Devon and Cornwall border. Our domestic energy assessors cover the whole of the Southwest region. 


To find out our competitive prices, click here: 

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