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Our Projects

Every project we work on at Dartmoor Energy is tailored towards the client's home and needs. We work with every customer to understand their preferences and energy requirements, to ensure that every installation is suitable and future-proof. 

See our latest projects below...

Crediton, Devon

6kW Mitsubishi Ecodan Ultra Quiet 

Our installation for a customer's period house in Crediton consisted of a 6kW Mitusbishi Ecodan Air Source Heat Pump. 

"Six weeks has passed by since you and the team installed the Mitsubishi Heat Pump here at Glebe Cottage. I wanted to thank you for all your help and for doing an excellent job in installing the ASHP system. It really is so pleasant to be able to live in a house that is properly and thoroughly heated. In fact. it is the first time since I arrived from Canada in 1963 that I have lived in what is now a comfortable house.


Your team were both considerate and very tidy in the way they worked and when finished left things in good order. The standard of workmanship was of a high level and I had very little to do as far as making good was concerned. It was very helpful that you came over a couple of weeks after Christmas to make a number of fine adjustments to the system, give me instructions and to guide me through the RHI application."

Ashburton, Devon

8.5KW Mitsubishi Ecodan Ultra Quiet
Wunda Underfloor Heating

Our customer had an old grounds keeper building on their land that they were planning on converting into a holiday let. The project was a whole building renovation from top to bottom.

Due to the property being off the gas grid, the customer wanted an air source heat pump to heat the home and provide hot water. They also wanted an underfloor heating system downstairs and radiators upstairs. 

Our team installed the air source heat pump to the rear of the property and scheduled the rest of the installations around the customer's other building work, to ensure everything was timed perfectly. 

The customer did an amazing job on the renovation and was extremely happy with her new heating system - she has even decided to move in instead of letting it out!

Helston, Cornwall

11kW Mitusbishi Ecodan Ultra Quiet 

Wunda Underfloor Heating

This project, for a selection of holiday lets in Cornwall, consisted of a heat metered 11kW Mitsubishi Air Source Heat Pump with Underfloor Heating.  The heating system was installed through the property, providing all the heat and hot water for the lets - without the use of any fossil fuels!

St Mellion, Cornwall

LG Neon Black on Black Solar PV

4KWp GSE in Roof System


Solar Panels.jpg

Our customer has a detached property, located in a rural location in St Mellion. 


They wanted to install a modern solar panel system to their property, to reduce their carbon footprint, but without changing the aesthetics of their home. 

Our team designed their solar PV system around their requirements, installing black on black panels and using an 'in roof system' - to ensure the panels sat flush with the slate roof. 


Bere Alston, Devon 

12KW NIBE S115

Ground Source Heat Pump 

Our customer has a heritage 5 bedroom detached property, with a high heat demand. The property benefited from having a large field adjacent. 

Due to the customer's heat requirements and available space, they decided to go for a horizontal loop ground source heat pump. 

The team had great fun getting knee deep in the trenches to lay the piping during tough weather conditions. The NIBE heat pump unit provides heat and hot water to the full property with an extremely high SCOP. 

Launceston, Devon 

Air Con & Solar PV

Our customer was building a bespoke office space away from their property. They new they wanted Solar PV from the offset, so approached us during the design stage. We gave them a few design recommendations, to help them make the most out of his Solar PV unit, which he passed on to his architect. 

Once the building was ready, we installed the solar PV to the roof and fitted an above head Air Conditioning unit to provide heat and cooling. The customer is extremely happy with the installation and their new beautiful garden room. 

Okehampton, Devon 

8.5KW Mitsubishi Ecodan Ultra Quiet

Our customer has a historic heritage home, with two extensions. As a result, there were various levels of insulation and different types of roof materials used throughout. 

Our team calculated the U-Values for each room and ensured that the correct heat pump and radiator system was installed, to sufficiently heat the home. 

The customer also wanted to keep the traditional look of the property, so was happy that our team could fit the heat pump in a sectioned off part of the garden. 

Air Source Heat Pump

Stokenham, Devon

5KW Mitsubishi Ecodan 

Wunda Underfloor Heating

Our customer approached us to find out how an air source heat pump's running costs compared to other heating systems. They was pleasantly surprised to find out an air source heat pump was between 30 - 50% cheaper than their current heating system. 

Our team completed a full survey, to work out the heat demand for the building, and then planned out the installation.The customer had a 5KW heat pump fitted to their property and underfloor heating throughout.