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Heat Loss Survey

A heat loss survey assesses the building's dimensions, construction and layout. The assessment provides the assessor with the heat demand of the property, and areas in which the building can be improved. A heat loss survey is needed for many different circumstances.

  • Heat Pump Installations will always require a full in depth heat loss survey to design and specify the correct size heat pump and emitters for the building.

  • Government funded retrofit projects will legally have to have a retrofit assessment completed on the property. As part of the retrofit assessment, the assessor will complete an extensive heat loss survey.

  • Private retrofit projects will benefit greatly from a heat loss survey, as it will allow the project manager to plan ahead in the designing stage and ensure that the best materials, and heating system, are being used, to improve the energy efficiency of the property. 

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A whole house energy efficiency report is a full package, which ensures you understand your property and how best to improve it. Our team will assist you in finding reputable installers and other experts, so that you can implement the energy efficient improvements highlighted in the report. Our team of highly qualified surveyors have attained a PAS2035 Retrofit Assessor certification and a Level 3 certification for Domestic Energy Assessment.


Our surveyors will use their vast knowledge in building materials, regulations and energy efficiency measures, to ensure that your whole house energy efficiency report is an extensively in-depth analysis of your property.


Our office is located in Callington, on the Devon and Cornwall border. Our domestic energy assessors cover the whole of the Southwest region. 


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