Our Team

We are a small local team of professionals, with a passion for environmental measures. Our team have 30 years of experience in the ECO installation sector, collectively. 

Our aim is to bring ECO measures to UK homes at an affordable rate, making the most of government grants where possible. 

Dan Kelly

Managing Director

Dan has spent over seven years in the renewable energy sector, starting out supplying Solar PV to UK homes.

Dan launched Dartmoor Energy in 2018 and now supplies a host of different measures, across the UK, to suit every homeowner's needs. 

Jim McKenzie

MSc Renewable Energy in Built-in Environment 

Jim spent four years at university studying renewable energy. He has since been working in the renewable energy industry for nine years, launching his own renewable energy installation company.

Jim spends his free time studying the advances in renewable energy and attending workshops, to ensure he is always ahead of the technology curve. 

Rob Gurnett




James Fortune 

Marketing Manager

James attended university for four years graduating with a Ba(hons) Business Degree. 

James found his passion for renewable energy when he joined the Dartmoor Energy team. Originally starting as a marketing expert, James quickly became fascinated with the advances in renewable energy. He now attends regular workshops to learn about modern renewable energy measures and heating systems. 

Ian Simmons

Energy Grant Manager

Ian has been working in the renewable energy industry for 15 years. He started out helping homeowners acquire solar panels for their home, when they first came to market. 

Ian has since continued to follow the renewable energy advances and joined the Dartmoor Energy team in 2020. 

Liam Roberts 

Computer System Manager

Liam joined the Dartmoor Energy team in 2020 and has become an integral part of the team. Liam's expertise has allowed Dartmoor Energy to reach more customers at a quicker rate, meaning more UK homeowners are receiving funded energy measures for their home.