Energy Grants and Schemes

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The UK government have a NET-ZERO emissions target that they must reach by 2050. They are aiming to be half way to NET-ZERO by 2030 - However, the UK is no where near reaching this target! 

As a result, the government are releasing many different grants and schemes to help improve the energy efficiency of homes, and encourage more people to switch to renewable energy

As you're on our website, you must be trying to do your bit to help! 

Below are a list schemes and grants you can access for your home. Our team will help you understand each grant and scheme, and provide guidance on which one will be most suited to your home and circumstances. We'll also connect you with a certified installer to complete the installation - All installers must be certified for you to be able to access government funding.

Don't worry our support is completely free! Just press the "Apply Now" button and complete the short form.

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Which Eco 3 funding
Ofgem Government Energy Grants
Government Energy Grants UK


The Energy Company Obligation (ECO) means that the big six energy companies are obligated to pay for energy efficient improvements to UK homes.


Energy efficient measures include; 

  • Loft insulation 

  • Cavity wall insulation 

  • Solid wall insulation 

  • Boiler replacement/repair

  • First time central heating

  • High heat retention storage heaters

  • Solar Panels

  • & more

6,500,000 homes are eligible for the ECO3 Grant

Due to the scale of the grant, energy companies give the funding to intermediaries who then distribute the funding out, after reviewing the households application. All of the paperwork and payments are handled by the intermediary and the installer, meaning you don't have to do anything.

Dartmoor Energy work with a various intermediaries, meaning we can help you access funding for your home through the ECO 3 grant. 

EON ECO 3 energy company obligation
EDF ECO 3 Application Funding
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British Gas Free Insulation
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Air Source Heat Pump

Renewable Heat Incentive (ENDS MARCH 2022)

The renewable heat incentive (RHI) is a government incentive to encourage UK homeowners to use renewable heating systems. This supports the UK's target to reach NET-ZERO carbon emissions by 2050.  

When you have a renewable heating system installed to your home, the RHI scheme will pay you back between 7p and 21p per KWh generated, depending on the heating system installed. Payments are made quarterly over 7 years. 


Total repayments can be anywhere between £1,000 to £35,000!

Our team will walk you through the whole process and help you with your RHI application once the measure has been installed.

This incentive is the most cost effective way to install a heat pump to your home! 

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Solar Export Tariff

If you have a Solar PV system on your property, you can sell your surplus solar electricity back to the national grid. 

Energy companies with more than 150,000 customers are obliged to offer an export tariff to small-scale electrical generators, for each unit of electricity they sell to the grid, as measured by their smart meter. 


Check out our Top 15 Export Tariff list!


Underfloor Heating

Green Homes Grant (ENDED)

The green homes grant is a government initiative to make UK homes more energy efficient.​

UK homeowners can receive either a £5000 or £10,000 grant, depending on the energy measure being installed.​

The grant will cover either 66% or 100% of the installation costs, depending on the homeowners financial circumstance.

Energy efficient measures include;

  • Air source heat pumps

  • Ground source heat pumps

  • Insulation

  • Double glazing

  • &more


We can help you access an energy grant for your home, today!*

*subject to eligibility