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Ground Source Heat Pumps 

How do Ground Source Heat Pumps work?
Ground source heat pumps are the most efficient form of home heating system. They work by installing pipes under the ground, filled with a refrigerant liquid. As the refrigerant liquid passes through the ground, it absorbs the grounds heat. Due to the ground maintaining a fairly constant 10c temperature, ground source heat pumps have a consistent efficiency all year round of 500%.

There are two methods for installing the pipes in the ground, or 'ground loops'. Borehole systems involve drilling 80-100 meter vertical holes and lowering the pipes down. Horizontal systems involve digging 1 meter deep by 1 meter wide trenches horizontally for usually 200-300m and laying the pipes within the trenches. 

Both types of ground loop require a small concrete unit built at surface level, which will house the manifold and other serviceable parts. Because of the cost of the ground array install, ground source heat pumps often cost around twice that of an air source heat pump, however the grants available are larger than those for an air source heat pump.


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For more information, please see our heat pump guide below:

Why should I buy a ground source heat pump? 


 • Stop Using Fossil Fuels - By installing a ground source heat pump and using an 100% renewable electricity supplier, you can heat your home using 100% renewable energy.

 • Save On Your Bills - Ground source heat pumps are 500% efficient! Meaning for every 1KW of electricity you put in, you get 5KW of heat energy! 

 • A Warmer Home - Ground source heat pumps use a wet based heating system, meaning you can have radiators and underfloor heating installed in your home! 

 • Suitable For All Properties - When designed correctly, every home can benefit from the advantages of heat pump technology.

 • Find Funded Grants - You can receive various government grants to pay for your installation. Grants include; Green Homes Grant, Renewable Heat Incentive and ECO 4. Our team will help you access the best grant for your home.

See some of our previous installation projects:

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Dartmoor Energy work with the highest quality local solar PV installers. Our team cover the whole of the Devon and Cornwall area - including; Plymouth, Torquay, Exeter, Callington, Calstock, Tavistock, Liskeard and Saltash. We offer a full 3 stage 'no pressure' sales process for your new Ground Source Heat Pump...

Our expert surveyors will explain how the system works, survey your property and design the heating system to perfectly match your property's requirements. 

The Dartmoor Energy team have been in the renewable energy industry for over 30 years, collectively, so we understand that no two jobs are the same. We will use our extensive knowledge and experience, to ensure that your new heating system is efficient and future proof!

We are with you every step of the way... 

○ STEP 1

Free initial consultation

○ STEP 2

Free* extensive heat loss survey and system design

* subject to size and complexity of the property. 

○ STEP 3

You receive your extensive presentation pack including all the information you need to decide on your new Ground source heat pump.

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