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Retrofit Co-ordination

Dartmoor Energy have a team of highly qualified professionals, with full competencies to complete a range of retrofit co-ordination projects.  Our team are PAS2030:2019 certified and have completed PAS2035 standards of practice training and assessments.​ Our co-ordinator's supports the 'whole house' approach, being driven by the UK government, to ensure that all home improvements are efficient and effective.  


The Retrofit Co-ordinator over-sees the whole process of the retrofit project from beginning to end. This involves:

  • Improvement Option Evaluation - compiling a plan of the energy efficiency measures best suited for the property using the information collected in the Retrofit Assessment 

  • Medium Term Plan - consists of a plan for the future energy efficiency measures to be installed following the scheme. 

  •  Design & Installation Sign Off - all designs & installations are reviewed and sign off by our experienced Co-ordinators to ensure they are compliant with all relevant standards. 

  • Customer Liasson & Support - throughout the entire retrofit project our co-ordinators will be on hand to answer any queries and ensure the customer is happy with all works being carried out in their homes. 

Our team will draw on our extensive knowledge and industry experience to support the customer and project every step on the way. 

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Our office is located in Callington, on the Devon and Cornwall border. Our retrofit professional can travel to retrofit projects across the whole of the Southwest region. Our assessor our accredited by Elmhurst & ECMK.


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