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Battery Storage

Battery storage, also referred to as an energy storage system (ESS), allows you to store energy obtained from solar panels, wind turbines or the national grid. Big technology companies, such as Tesla and Samsung, have designed sophisticated and stylish batteries to be used at home. 


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Battery storage has two main benefits;

  • A battery allows you to store excess energy produced by your Solar PV system, to be used at night when your system is not generating or to be sold back to the grid. This stored energy can also be used to 'boost' the generating from your PV to make sure your home is covered during high energy usage or low PV generation times.

  • A battery allows you to buy energy from the grid when it is at is cheapest, and store it until it is more expensive. You can then either use the cheap electricity when you need it, or sell it back to the grid for a profit. Doing this helps energy companies manage the supply and demand of energy - helping the UK use less fossil fuels.  

Energy companies are obliged to purchase your energy through the SEG tariff. Click here to view the tariffs.

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Dartmoor Energy work with the highest quality local solar PV installers. Our team cover the whole of the Devon and Cornwall area - including; Plymouth, Torquay, Exeter, Callington, Calstock, Tavistock, Liskeard and Saltash. We offer a full 3 stage 'no pressure' sales process for your new system...
Our expert surveyors are primarily focused on explaining the system, surveying your property and designing the perfect system for your home. We will use our extensive knowledge and many years experience to provide a complete and trusted service.

We are with you every step of the way... 

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