About Us

The Dartmoor Energy team has been working in the Renewable Energy industry for over 30 years, collectively.

Dan Kelly, the Founder and Managing Director of Dartmoor Energy, began working in the Renewable Energy industry in 2015 as a consultant and surveyor for domestic energy systems. After working for several large installers around the UK, Dan founded Dartmoor Energy in 2018 using his strong connections with high quality local installers across Devon and Cornwall to deliver a trusted, no pressure service aimed at helping homeowners and businesses achieve energy independence.

Dartmoor Energy has grown year on year and now employs a team of experienced professionals. We are are all passionate about Renewable Energy and helping homeowners cut carbon, save money and access Government funding to reach their energy dreams.

Dartmoor Energy is partnered with a select few high-quality local installers across the Southwest that supply and install a range of measures - Heat Pumps, Solar PV, Battery Storage, Air Con, EV Charging, and various Insulation Measures. ​

The whole survey and sales process is handled in-house by the Dartmoor Energy team. This ensures that you feel confident and comfortable throughout the whole process. Our expert surveyors will complete an in-depth survey of your property to ensure that they find you the best and most cost effective way of improving your property's energy efficiency. 

Dartmoor Energy are expert qualified Domestic Energy Assessors and Retrofit Specialists who can provide up to date and accurate EPC's (Energy Performance Certificates) for our clients.

Our team also keep up to date with the latest UK grants available to homeowners - we will try to find available funding for every customer!